SPC - Smart Phone Connector

SPC - Smart Phone Connector

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The Vanguard SPC is a universal smart phone connector that is fantastic for enhanced video, photo and social media creation on your phone as it provides extra stability for your everyday hand held device.

  • Perfect fit – easily matches most smart phone models and sizes
  • Enhances creativity – adds stability to smart pone photography, videography and social content creation
  • Advanced connectivity – use as an accessory with table top tripod, traditional tripod or monopod (Included item in many Vanguard products)
  • Standalone – works also as an individual smartphone stand
  • Intuitive – simple to set-up and use
$19.99 Buy It Now $24.99 Retail Price

The universal smart phone connector is a great accessory from Vanguard that comes in handy when shooting long videos, stop motion videos or social media content on your phone. It is also fantastic when you just need that extra stability taking creative shots and utilizing the full photographic features your phone facilitates such as: long exposures, double exposures, macro focus, panoramas and much more!

Designed to fit most smart phone models and sizes this accessory offers simple connectivity and secure stability without having to grapple with complex mechanisms. When transitioning from everyday hand held use to tripod, monopod or just SPC stand, all you need to do is snap it on and continue to shoot.

This little accessory is a real game changer that guarantees to enhance your creativity, by utilizing it as a stand-alone item or interconnected with a Vanguard table top tripod, standard tripod or monopod (please note that many of the Vanguard Kit models include the SPC).

Closed Height Between Phone Grips(in) 2 1/8 2 1/8
Max Height Between Phone Grips(in) 3 1/4 3 1/4