Endeavor Speed Mag Lever for RS Rifle Scopes

Endeavor Speed Mag Lever for RS Rifle Scopes

Item: Speed Mag Lever

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Quality materials and pinnacle design unite to deliver the best riflescope accessories.  Maximize your efficiency and effectiveness with the new assortment of Endeavor riflescope accessories to compliment your riflescope.

Speed Mag Lever

  • Premium Style
  • Easy Attachment to Vanguard Magnification Ring
  • Ideal for 1-4x24 / 1-6x24 / 1-7x44 Models
  • Allen Wrench Provided
  • Finish: Hard Anodized
  • Color: Black
  • Material: Al6061 Aluminum
  • Easy-Mount Hinge Design
  • Designed and Made by Vanguard
$39.99 Buy It Now $49.99 Retail Price
Designed and made by Vanguard; The Endeavor Speed Mag Lever easily attaches to the Vanguard magnification ring for maximum efficiency and delivers a fast fluid transition from low to high power magnification. Ideal for the competition sport shooter looking to reduce time, the dangerous game hunter or for any hunter afield who often requires a fast power change on close or fast moving targets. (A perfect pairing with the RS IV 1-4x24, RS VI 1-6x24 and the RS VII 1-7x44 models) The Speed Mag Lever is also especially helpful in winter condition with the use of cold weather gloves. Made from skeletonized Al6061 aluminum for a very low weighing 0.39 ounces. The solid body is CNC machined to be rigid and strong and comes in a hard anodized black finish with a unique easy-mount hinge design. Allen wrench provided.