Endeavor GM-70 Gun Mount for Shooting Tripods

Endeavor GM-70 Gun Mount for Shooting Tripods

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The Vanguard Endeavor GM-70 gun mount is a perfect companion to our Endeavor series shooting tripods. The solid clamp provides a firm grip and ensures that you can stay on target and make the perfect shot.

  • Large knob to adjust clamp from 30mm to 70mm, fitting most firearm and crossbow forearms
  • Max load of 55.1 lbs. means it can stand up to heavy firearms and downward pressure from leaning
  • Soft rubber pads on insides of clamp walls provide a secure grip while minimizing the chance of scratching your gear
  • Weighs only 1.8 lbs., making it easy to throw into an outdoor bag
  • Connects to a 3/8” thread or Arca base, making it a perfect pairing with many types of tripods
  • CNC-machined for quality and precision

Vanguard Endeavor Gun Mount

When a simple shooting stick won’t do – when you really need maximum support for your firearm in the field or on the range – you can rely on Vanguard’s Endeavor GM-70 gun mount to come through. Opening up to 70mm wide, this clamping head offers a secure grip for your rifle or crossbow, while a rubber lining inside the grip walls protects your weapon from scratching. At only 1.8 lbs., the GM-70 mount packs a lot of grip power without becoming a packing burden.
The GM-70 is part of Vanguard’s Endeavor line of outdoor products and joins the family alongside a new series of Endeavor shooting tripods. Use the GM-70 as part of a complete Endeavor kit, or pair it with another tripod with a 3/8” thread connection.

Color Black Black
Connection Type 3/8" or Arca 3/8" or Arca
Materials Aluminum Aluminum
Maximum Load 55 lbs. 55 lbs.
Clamp Opening Width Range 30 - 70 mm 30 - 70 mm
Standard Warranty 5 Years 5 Years
Item Weight 1.8 lbs. 1.8 lbs.