Enter the Circle

Enter the Circle

March 31, 2018


With the introduction of the new ALTA Pro 2+ 263 CGHT, the Vanguard Team set out to create a multi-layered experience meant to match the endless possibilities of the product itself. What we know to be true about the ALTA Pro 2+ 263 CGHT is that it is the perfect solution for fast-paced photographers with a heavy finger. The innovative and fast-action capabilities of the ALTA GH-300 Pistol Grip Head's shutter release trigger feature, combined with the flexibility of the ALTA Pro 2+ carbon fiber tripod legs and multi-angle center column, lends itself to capturing fast moving subjects such as sports, wildlife, and... breakdancers of course!

On a cold winter day in Detroit, the Vanguard team assembled at the Jam Handy - a local gem-of-a-venue by which Detroit has come to be known. The ALTA Pro 2+ 263CGHT Carbon Fiber Tripod & Pistol Grip Head Kit would share the spotlight that day with two of Detroit’s most notorious breakdancers - Mehdi Arshed and Haleem Stringz Rasul - all the while mimicking their fluid moves and unbelievable flexibility. We hope you enjoy!






Mehdi Arshed, from Detroit, started dancing at the age of 12 by watching Michael Jackson videos repeatedly and copying his older siblings. He was self-taught until 17 where he began to take his craft serious by taking classes and becoming an active member of Detroit’s street dance community. Mehdi has worked several music videos and has competed across the world. He has done commercial work for Delta Airlines, Ford, Dominos Pizza and more. Mehdi also won a national contest, where he got to perform at Bonnaroo Music and Arts Festival. He is currently in a b-boy crew called B.A.D. Mehdi is a Wayne State graduate and works in the marketing field. In his spare time, he likes to spend it with his friends, family and dog.


Haleem Stringz Rasul discovered his passion for the arts at an early age. Growing up in Detroit came with its own unique challenges that served as motivators manifesting into his creative and business ventures following graduating from Western Michigan University in 2001. He established Hardcore Detroit as a brand dance company and fashion label. His motto hardcore, represents success after struggle and overcoming hardships to achieve victory. By 2010, Hardcore Detroit was voted best dance company in the Real Detroit Reader's Poll.

He has instructed dance workshops internationally, judged and participated in dance tournaments throughout the nation gaining international respect, organized dance-related events in his hometown and produced relevant merchandising materials.