Stay Mobile for Spring Bear Spot and Stalk

Stay Mobile for Spring Bear Spot and Stalk

March 20, 2019

Lightweight and Mobile Spring Bear Shooting Sticks and Backpacks

Few hunts bring with them the adrenaline, rush, and excitement of pursuing black bears in the spring. Putting a successful stalk on a mature black bear is a sure way to push yourself to the edge of your comfort zone. There is something to be said for hunting potentially dangerous game. Sneaking into bow or rifle range of an unpredictable bear is a fantastic way to enjoy the springtime outdoors and fill the void in big game hunts until fall.

Fortunately for most hunters, the threat of an aggressive black bear is slim, and most black bear encounters are uneventful. Distributed from Alaska to Mexico, up and down the east coast, in the thick forests of the Ozarks, and with stable populations in all Canadian provinces; black bear hunting opportunities can be found all across North America. Spring black bear seasons offer hunters the best opportunity to harvest a pristine hide, and fresh bear meat. Black bears are an excellent example of a game animal prized for both its meat and its coat.

There are many successful hunting methods to pursue bears and fill your tag, but spot and stalk hunting is by far the most active for hunters who prefer to be on the move. Spring bears have an insatiable appetite and are always on the lookout for their next meal. By targeting areas that offer rich nutrition that bears crave during active feeding times, hunters can cover lots of country by staying mobile,  still hunting, and glassing. Hunters can utilize elevation, clear cuts, and coastlines to glass for bears in likely feeding areas, being careful to keep the wind in their favor. Moving between likely spots where bears are known to feed during peak bear movement hours will increase your odds of finding an active bear.

Pick the Right Pack to Cover Country and find Spring Bear Hunts

Putting on miles in the backcountry has its challenges, and hunters need a way to stay mobile and cover country during black bear hunts. Whether you are spot and stalk hunting mature bears in mountain meadows, still hunting the Pacific coastline, or searching out bears in timbered forests; the capacity to move to where the bears are is a vital key to your hunt. Mature black bear boars can be unpredictable during the spring hunting season, the driving factors of the breeding season coupled with the need for calories to recover from winter often pushes bears to travel to fill their needs.

Bear Hunting Backpack for Spring Hunts

Key components of a bear hunters mobile setup are built around a quality pack. Putting a quality pack to work on your bear hunt offers you the ability to stay organized and mobile, providing efficiency to the hunt, and allows you the freedom to concentrate more on your hunt and less on discomfort and equipment.

Look for a rugged pack built from tough materials including the frame structure, pack fabric, and pocket zippers. Packs with highly adjustable shoulder straps and waist belt offer a custom fit that can be adjusted on the trail or on the hunt. Making adjustments as loads shift and varying temperatures call for a change in clothing layers is critical to comfort, and avoiding fatigue.

Versatility in a pack that provides the ability to securely attach your rifle or bow is a fantastic advantage to bear hunters. Freeing your hands for glassing and hiking provides a huge advantage during the hunt, for the hunter on the move, it’s critical. Choose a pack with the ability to not only pack your weapon during the hunt, but the versatility to adjust and balance the external load. Make plans to add bear meat, and the cape to your pack when the hunt is successful!

Vanguard Pioneer 1600RT Pack for Spring Bear Hunting

Vanguard’s Pioneer 1600 RT is an ideal solution for bear hunters this spring. The 26 liter capacity is ideal for both short morning or evening hunts when bears are most active, or during long packs into remote country, even multi-day overnight hunts. The pack has plenty of room for all your gear and equipment and is built from water-resistant fabric offering protection from the elements for your gear and clothing investment.

Rugged aluminum stave supports in the Pioneer 1600RT provide structure to an adjustable padded honeycomb harness with strength and comfort at the top of mind. The resilient and tough, yet adjustable pack is built with an integrated optical balance system for secure attachment of your bow or rifle. Combine these fantastic features with included components like removable waist belt pouches for items like your rangefinder, compass, and GPS; a built-in water bladder, and a full-size rain cover, and it equates to a sturdy, yet versatile pack built for the hunt.

Shooting Sticks for Spring Bear Spot and Stalk Hunting

Bears primarily move during the cool morning and evening hours, utilizing shadows and the cool of the day to feed, travel, and socialize. Hunters using spot and stalk or still hunting methods should be in areas bears frequent during those magical hours, keeping the wind in mind, and ready to make the move on a bear that presents itself. Hunting on the move, without the added stability of a stand or permanent blind presents challenges when it comes time to get on target and hold steady.

A simple, yet effective tool to keep hunters on target and steady is shooting stick support for either a firearm or crossbow. The concept of a solid, but portable rest for hunters to shoot from is not new, but there are features to look for in shooting sticks for your spring bear hunt that will come in key when you spot that trophy bear

Lightweight but Rugged Shooting Sticks for Spring Bears

Shooting sticks offer that extra insurance of a stable rest when the opportunity of a shot presents itself. While a stable rest is incredibly important for an accurate shot, it’s key to choose shooting sticks that are lightweight, versatile, and adaptable to the hunting scenario.

Look for shooting sticks constructed of rugged, yet lightweight material such as aluminum tubing. The shooting rest should be adjustable to accommodate different shooting scenarios such as prone, sitting, kneeling, or standing. Don’t let the shooting stick dictate the shots you can and cannot take.

Versatility is key when it comes to making room in your pack for equipment. Backcountry hunters consider many factors to each piece of gear they are willing to carry, its effectiveness and adaptability. Using shooting sticks that can double as optics support for spotting and glassing, or a shooting stick that doubles as a trekking pole keep your kit small, and your pack light.

Vanguard Shooting Sticks for Spring Bear Hunts

The Veo 2 Shooting Stick by Vanguard hits all the targets when you are considering a shooting stick for this spring’s bear hunting adventure. Ruggedness, adaptability, and ingenuity combine to form an exciting shooting stick system in the Veo 2.

Built on a four-part aluminum leg system, the Veo 2 is rugged, lightweight, and highly adjustable. The shooting stick quickly and quietly adjusts from 22.25” all the way to 64.1”, making it versatile enough for any hunting situation.  Vanguard’s pan/tilt smooth operation ball joint at the base of the shooting stick gives you the versatility to quickly get on target and adjust your aim. The supporting base of the Veo 2 is a tri-stand foundation that brings the structure and stability of a tripod to the small form factor and versatility of a monopod.

Finally, the Vanguard Veo 2 is highly adaptable, not only in length adjustment, and maneuverability; but also as optic support for glassing and as a trekking pole. Simply remove the rubber finned U-yoke support from the top of the shooting stick to quickly secure optics for a stable glassing platform, suitable for either binoculars or a spotting scope. Add on the Vanguard’s Veo 2 photo/video head for the perfect optics support solution. This shooting stick is also equipped with a soft rubber grip and sports a load capacity of 13 pounds, making it an adaptable choice for use as a trekking pole when you are on the move.

Choose the Right Equipment to Stay Mobile for Spring Bears

The pursuit of black bears in the spring offers hunters a chance to get out and enjoy the combination of beautiful spring weather and a thrilling hunt. Finding, stalking, and closing the deal on a mature bear can be tricky, but for the hunter who is willing to be flexible and mobile during their hunt, the reward can be a filled tag and a heavy pack. Take the time to evaluate your needs and your gear for this spring’s bear season to put rugged and lightweight equipment to work on your hunt.